What can be anticipated for the industry in the future?

Technological innovations and the advance of climate change are among the developments to which the real estate industry must adapt.

4 November 2021

It is a characteristic trait of the JUNiCKE Group to associate with a traditional value culture with forward-looking perspectives, and to integrate innovations in its working practices at an early stage. This requires a watchful view of current events and the developments which become apparent. Company Director Julius Hendrich Junicke concentrates on the most important changes from the company’s viewpoint which are likely to affect the real estate sector in the future.  


The increasing importance of climatic, environmental, and a socialy-conscious ways of doing business is not new but to date has had little focus by real estate concerns. “ESG“ (Environmental Social Governance) has been more or less the measure of all things. The JUNiCKE Group is dedicated consistently to this issue and will align its investment profile accordingly. 


On the other hand, the significance of artificial intelligence is already being discussed, but in the opinion of Julius Hendrich Junicke has until now been substantially underestimated. According to him other industry sectors are clearly advanced. Also in this area the company is not holding back, but has started to develop new solutions according to its own views. 

Demographics and urban development

The expectations and requirements of young persons and the relative increase in numbers of older citizens are highly divergent. While the older generation requires age-based living and working spaces, the young are looking for options such as co-living and co-working. The real estate industry has to position itself to both, which for the JUNiCKE Group is not difficult to do. Service apartments for the elderly have for many years been part of the company’s portfolio. Real estate businesses must also consider the increasing rural exodus, which causes increasing challenges for urban living, and which demands appropriate solutions for all areas of living and working. The need for new approaches has increasing focus in the JUNiCKE Group’s projects. 

The Junicke team is actively considering which challenges are facing this industry segment