culture of innovation

Tradition and innovation

As a family business we have always maintained a deep understanding for traditional values, which we consider more important and relevant in the present era. At the same time, we have always been open for the innovations and challenges of our time. Digitalization, artificial intelligence, NewWork and climate protection are therefore so important for us today as well as safeguarding our Hanseatic commercial virtues and tangible client benefits.

Reliability and appreciation

The value-oriented attitude of our Group is defined by being a fair, reliable and appreciable partner who stands by his word and who negotiates on an equal footing, and this is reflected in our quality standards.
The stance of the JUNiCKE Group is to adapt traditional values to make them usable for innovative concepts in our time.
Carl Jobst Junicke, Managing Partner

Engagement in the region for the region

We are convinced that innovation and tradition are closely linked. So, there is a particular focus on preserving old virtues and adapting them to our time, by our engagement in our homeland and in our locations by supporting relevant initiatives. As our aim is for sustainability, we provide support to clubs and institutions with material assets.
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