Immobilien Investments und
zukunftsgewandte Projektentwicklung

Wir kaufen Wohn- und Logistikimmobilien, entwickeln Projekte
und investieren in Immobilienportfolios.

Property investments and future-oriented
project development

We acquire residential buildings and logistics facilities,
develop projects and invest in property portfolios.

The JUNiCKE Group:
a dynamic group from a sound base

Investments in properties with charm and perspective

The JUNiCKE Group is an active investor in the property market all throughout Germany. We own real estate properties and manage a wide-ranging portfolio of high-value residential buildings and logistical facilities which we are permanently expanding. We are fastidious in the selection of our investments.

We consider short-term returns but above all good business deals as essential.

Our main office in Goslar

Consciousness of tradition and forward-looking

We have positioned ourselves in the property market as a quality leader, based upon proven experience, a short decision-making process, and a healthy capital base. In doing so, we see ourselves equally as a traditional Hanseatic business as well as a pioneer of new technologies in our field.

Our office in Braunschweig

Wir sind jederzeit an Immobilien interessiert,
die unseren Kriterien entsprechen.

Investment profile

Reliability and appreciation on property acquisitions

We are pleased that you have offered us your property.

We focus on residential and logistical properties, offices and commercial buildings, as well as project development and portfolios.

The optimization of properties or the conversion of plots of land requires capital expenditure and skilful planning and letting. Your property is the right investment for us if a better than average market return can be obtained through corresponding increases in rents. Please contact us if you already have a business case.

We have short, unbureaucratic decision paths and always act with agility, discretion and results-oriented. Our healthy capital cover and our strategic partnerships enable us to finalize faster than most of our competitors.

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